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Check-in Call

Volunteer Legacy Corps members are available to “check in” by telephone to make sure you or a loved one are okay. Calls can be scheduled daily, weekly or whatever time is convenient. Volunteers follow up with family or emergency responders if needed. Calls may be brief or include friendly conversation. This is ideal for Veterans whose family and caregivers live apart or are on vacation. Or for active military members on deployment who want to have someone check in on family.


Call for further details at 858-505-6300.


To register, use the form below. Include the name of the person being called (and whether it is you or a family member) and pertinent details about the call, desired schedule, and the number to be called. Once we receive the information, we will contact you to confirm the schedule and times. You may also mail the form below. Or use the form as a guide in deciding what information to include in the email form. If mailing form, send to AIS, P.O. Box 23217 San Diego, CA 92193-3217


Your personal information will never be shared, nor will you receive unsolicited messages.

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