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During your year of service, there will be many opportunities for training. This infromation will enhance your skills and allow you to provide important resource information for client families.


Of the 450 hour committment, you may count UP TO 90 hours of training. The pre-service training of CPR, First Aid, and monthly reflective sessions are mandatory (total of 20 hours).


This page lists APPROVED ONLINE trainings. If you choose any of these trainings, please notify us with the following confirmation information:


* Title

* Date Taken

* Time Claimed (Same as on timesheet)

* Brief description of information learned

* Note 3 KEY POINTS to share at Reflective             Session.


Please check for updates on upcoming trainings. We also accept suggestions. If you see an appropriate training, please check before attending.

Recorded Trainings

Webinar Library

Recorded trainings. Once you click on the training, the slide bar at bottom indicates how long the training goes.

Palliative Care Pre-Service Training Curriculum Stroke Care for Caregiver

Dr. Nick Yphantides

Chief County Medical Officer

Helen McNeal

CSUSM Center for Palliative Care

Why is Palliative Care Important?

Sheila Erickson, RN

Sharp Grossmonth Healthcare

Stroke is a Brain Attack

CNCS Women in Service

Serving the Women Who’ve Served Us: Supporting and Engaging Female Veterans 

Transcript Morningside Ministries

Morningside Ministries - Free webinar library on a variety of caregiver and health topics. Brief registratrion (free) required. U.S. is on bottom of list. Dementia and caregiving topics are well covered. 

Elder Abuse

Marty Dare, MSW

County of San Diego, Legacy Corps

Change in Military

Series of short MSNBC reports on issues of change in the military and families.

Carter Institute

A series of videos on dementia care and related skills by the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.

Easter Seals

Member Training

A series of recorded trainings designed for caregivers in military families. Well presented. About 1 hour each, inluding several session in Spanish.